This Sumo-'Sclusive course will show you how to lose all that Sumo-fat around your belly.


Not only that....but it shows ya how to eat so you're at top performance (several of us Sumo's became much more successful after we started eating well).


This is a Kourse....which means there's no fluffy bullshit inside.  Just all the information condensed down into bite-sized chunks.


We even brought in a real fitness expert to back up all our advice and diet-hacks.

We can email you when this Kourse is ready to go (plus maybe a lil' bonus or two). stick your email in my box now: 




P.S. You'll immediately get sent a video of two Sumo's talking about how they lost weight and got hella-more productive with a couple o' food hacks they use.


P.P.S. It's "possible" you get to see them with no shirts on in that video ;-)




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